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  1. can i adjust the % on the inverter to a lower property so i can use the ac unit for more time. right now the storage battery alarm sounds and the ac unit turns off at about 50 or 60 %.

    there seems to be a set of buttons that would make this adjustment possible. i would like to set it to about 20%.

    1. Alarming at 50/60% does not sound right. Did you also look at the reading in volts? The inverter display alternates between % and volts (VDC). The last time we ran our battery down with the AC, it went to 20%/21 volts before triggering the alarm. According to Roadtrek, the inverter should not alarm until it goes below 21 volts. Our E-trek is currently at Mercedes-Benz for service (please see our latest post.), and we have never made any adjustments to the inverter, so we recommend you call Roadtrek or your dealer. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks for the blog…been having a hard time finding real-world info on these battery systems. I understand that the Etrek comes standard with 8 ea 6V batteries but has options for various battery modules. Which battery system does your Etrek have?

  3. Your blog was quite informative about the eTrek we were considering. It gave us a real world understanding of the complexity of this particular MH. Thanks. We did buy a new eTrek this week.

    Our salesman was not as informed as we thought and are finding we need some user information. Do mind addressing a few. Wouid be glad to reciprocate on our 2016. This is our second MH, but had sailboat for 30 years prio to that. We live on the west coast of Florida.

    The delivery person did not address how the front screens are put in place. Might you have a picture with the cloth screen up?

  4. Hi Gregory, Congratulations on your new E-trek and thank you for your feedback! I actually don’t have any good pictures of the curtains, but I am working on a new blog post based on your question which will include pictures. The article and pictures should be posted this weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

  5. John—

    As I recall there is a big difference between how far down you can run batteries. The numbers I remember (perhaps incorrectly) are 50-60% for AGM batteries and !0-20% for lithium. These levels are important, because if you go too far, it will damage the battery. Please don’t trust my numbers on this; check with Roadtrek!.


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