At this point we have had five nuisance issues and three major difficulties. Nuisance difficulties first: the first was a broken LED light (which the dealer replaced); the second was the broken latch which holds the refrigerator closed (the dealer has ordered a replacement part); the third is the Instant Hot switch cover had the top screw hole stripped, so the switch […]


So it was finally time to see if all of our modifications and research would pay off. We departed at exactly 9:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday. The new and improved navigation system worked great, and we had no trouble dropping off the dogs and getting back on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The slippery leather cushions stayed put thanks to the new […]

Adventures in De-Winterizing

After the final snow sometime in late March, we declared that spring was finally here. We had a few loose ends before we could embark on our next adventure, which would be back up to Boston to celebrate Easter with Ryan. Sometime over the winter we had received a recall notice from Mercedes-Benz. Also, when we were installing the sofa […]

The Long, Cold Winter Part 2

The next project was to improve the navigation situation. Recall from our trip to Boston that the factory-installed navigation system in the eTrek offered little help when we needed it most. Furthermore, we had always found the navigation in our Honda Ridgeline deficient (i.e., “make a u-turn if possible” was the only re-routing the system was capable of). So we […]

The Long, Cold Winter Part 1

After our trip to Boston, our RV dreams were put on hold due to snow, snow, and more snow. It was hard to stay enthusiastic when it seemed like we would never be able to go anywhere in our new Roadtrek. In the meantime, we tackled a few interior issues. Instead of using blankets to cover the rear sofa and […]

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